A Touch of Understanding

An Evening of Insight

Back Mar 23, 2023

An Evening of Insight (EOI) is not just about raising money, it’s about raising awareness. EOI is a unique event that brings people together to not only learn more about A Touch of Understanding and the impact we make on children’s lives every day, but to also experience, albeit briefly, what it would be like to live with a disability. We take our guests on a journey through an evening meal with friends as we explore what it might be like to eat without sight.

Imagine enjoying a powerful experience, emerging with new insight into someone else’s reality. 

Darlene O’Brien, inspirational speaker and long-time ATOU Board member, successfully guides our guests through a meal under blindfold. Darlene brings over twenty years of experience in joyfully navigating her own life’s journey with blindness.

For over 26 years, ATOU has been helping children understand, appreciate and respect one another, despite differences. Our workshops help schoolchildren accept and include their peers with disabilities and those who seem different for any reason. These workshops improve the way students relate to themselves and others. One student said it best, “I get it now! I can be a buddy, not a bully!”

An Evening of Insight is just that…an evening full of insight where our guests get to shortly experience the life of someone else and realize ATOU’s mission of spreading the message of kindness, understanding and respect amongst our children and communities with our award-winning workshops.

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