The Golden 1 Center may change how we think of fast food, forever


V. Miller Meats is a sign that traditional butchery is gaining modern momentum; the uncertain fate of lease-leaseback deals; and it’s your last day to show us your beer for free tickets to the Art of Beer festival. 

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Deal or no Deal

After critical court decision, future California lease-leaseback contracts stand on shaky ground.

For the past four years, Star Academy in Natomas didn’t look like a regular school. Due to overcrowding,  elementary kids went to class in a commercial building that faced a major street and had warehouse space in the back. Last year, when the moratorium was lifted, the district considered building the new charter school through a lease-leaseback deal. But the method, once a popular way for struggling districts to acquire new facilities, has come under legal fire in recent years.

Jan 26, 2016 Russell Nichols