January 2023 Digital Edition

Health, wealth and decency for the new year

Now that the holiday hubbub has quieted down and your new year’s resolutions are underway, you might be pausing to consider the economic forecast. Are we in for more rising prices and hiring freezes this year? According to business economists, the answer is dreary — the United States may enter a recession. But could things be different for California, the world’s fourth-largest economy? For our January cover story, business reporter Steven Yoder interviews a wide range of economists, analysts and planners to map out an economic forecast for the Capital Region, including the good news, bad news and how to plan.

Here’s what else you can expect in the pixels and pages of our digital issue:

What kind of approach to health will you embrace this year? From continuing trends like intermittent fasting and HIIT, to newer ones like a TikTok trend called the “internal shower,” we’re covering the latest in fitness and nutrition to expose what’s backed by science and what might be closer to a fad. 

Another area in which health takes center stage — our educational institutions. Architects are designing learning spaces that both look good and benefit students’ well-being. Open, accessible building designs can help “demystify daunting disciplines,” writes award-winning design writer Laurie Lauletta-Boshart. Behold the beautiful education buildings in our region inspiring creativity and collaboration.

If you’re headed to the snow this season, don’t miss South Lake Tahoe’s exploding craft beer scene, which has enough breweries for a full tasting tour. And if you drive through Solano County, you’ll want to check out the Benicia Historical Museum, one of the area’s best-kept secrets. (Benicia had a brief stint as California’s state capital.) Lastly, see who we profiled as our first “Icon” of the year, our ever-popular Evil HR Lady column, our Founder of the Month (with a strong core!) and much more. Kick it all off with a letter from our publisher, who welcomes introspection and encourages decency this year.

Also in the January issue, Comstock’s presents a special section in partnership with the Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange (SRBX) and Construction Industry Education Foundation (CIEF) focusing on Women in Construction. The organizations’ recent Women in Construction Conference hosted a record-breaking 1,000 attendees to discuss how to ensure the industry becomes more equitable and inclusive for the current and next generations.

We hope you enjoy digitally flipping through these fresh stories and stay safe and warm throughout these stormy days.

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