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A local shepherd and his on-the-go flock; three tips to help you stop micromanaging; and the rise of new passionates means a rise in new markets.

Special thank you to all the nonprofits in the Capital Region that submitted their inspirational stories in October and November. We are overwhelmed by the nonprofit stories and are inspired by all that they are doing to make the Capital Region a better place to live and work. The Capital Region’s 2015 Top Ten Most Inspirational Nonprofit winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 6, 2015!

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Back Off!

Micromanaging is toxic — here are 3 tips to help you stop today

At my first full-time job after college, the office manager routinely sorted through the recycling box to ensure that tossed junk mail had been cancelled with the sender. If someone from my department did not write the cancellation clearly enough, there was a lecture. This culminated in a 20-minute rant and the ultimate request to track all incoming junk mail, date of cancellation and subsequent mail on a spreadsheet for review. I refused. And then I quit.

Dec 19, 2014 Kelly Azevedo