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The Bright Side: A Spin on Tradition

Back Photo gallery Dec 8, 2020 By Karlos Rene Ayala

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Community members created decorative altars in the Marketplace 99 shopping center parking lot in Elk Grove for a family-friendly, socially distanced Día de los Muertos drive-thru display and contest Nov 1.

The event, which celebrates the Latin American holiday honoring the lives of loved ones who have died, included tents decorated with photos of deceased family members; dolls; sugar skulls; and beverages and food as offerings, such as pan de muerto.

Motorists drove by the tents and could vote online for which altar they liked best. Six tents vied for the top prize of $750, and second and third place prizes were $500 and $250, respectively, awarded by NewMark Merrill, owners of Marketplace 99.

A motorist drives by a tent decorated for Día de los Muertos at the Marketplace 99 shopping center parking lot in Elk Grove.

The tents were decorated with items such as photos of deceased family members, dolls and sugar skulls.

Some participants came in costume.

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