Carlos Eliason

Back Photographer

Carlos Eliason is native Sacramento visual artist dabbling in photography and storytelling. He creates visuals that seek to engage using a passionately fired color palette to produce the strange and other-worldly in accessible and powerful ways. 

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Go With the Grain

Elk Grove Milling pursues international markets, but the success rates are stacked against them

After a slow start piecing his way through El Salvador’s business regulations in 2008, Robert Lent began distributing Stable Mix throughout that country in 2012. Now the milling company — which employs 50 workers, makes $12 million in gross sales a year and, as Lent likes to say, feeds 17,000 horses a day — is poised to expand its distribution network in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico.

Aug 4, 2015 Anita Creamer