Legislative Process/Lobbying 101 Seminar

The Lobbying 101 seminar is not only for lobbyists — it provides valuable information for anyone active or interested in government and public affairs: * Veteran lobbyists, new lobbyists, prospective lobbyists, and support staff * Organizations that employ lobbyists — companies, trade and professional associations, nonprofit organizations — and want to direct and interact with their lobbyists more effectively. Valuable for boards, management, legislative committees and general membership.

* Support personnel: administrative, secretarial, and communications staff.

* City & county government and public agency officials & support staff.

* Law firms

* Political science teachers & students * Interested citizens who want to become better informed about how the legislature works

The seminar covers the legislative process and the fundamentals of effective advocacy through a review of comprehensive resource materials as well as:

* Lobbyist registration & disclosure requirements * Lobbying ethics * “How a bill becomes a law”/ basics of the legislative process (including the “civics book” version plus additional insights that illustrate how it “really works”) * Legislative rules, exceptions and waivers * Legislative committees: Their role, how they function and how to work with them (including the respective roles of committee & minority staff) * Legislative Counsel Bureau & how to access it * Glossaries of key legislative terms & common references to types and categories of bills * “Resource packet” of key legislative publications and documents: What they contain, their importance in order of priority, and how to use them. * How to read a bill * Do’s and don’ts of testifying * Rules for effective advocacy * Attributes of a successful lobbyist * Advice from senior legislative staff * How to choose the right author for your sponsored bill * The lobbyist/client relationship and respective roles

8:30am-1:30pm, Esquire Plaza, 1215 K Street, Suite 2220, Sacramento, CA 95814


More info: http://www.capitolseminars.net judco12000@yahoo.com 916-442-5009