Katrina Kleinhammer (not verified)May 23, 2022 - 5:45am

I have been a special education teacher for 15 years. I have had so many families who are just trying to make ends meet. This year, I have several single parents or parents that are cramped up in a tiny apartment. Most of these families are paying $2,000 a month rent for a low-end shack. Every housing assistance program or organization has at least 2 years of a waiting list. Most of my single parents cannot work, because of their child's disability. Most of them have Autism and can have social/behavior difficulties. These families are from disadvantaged backgrounds and most probably have bad credit from doing what they needed to do to survive. The absolute injustice is that they are being taken advantage of from slum lords. They are paying the same amount money for their 2-bedroom shack that I pay for my 4 bedroom house with a pool. They mostly are on aide and have the assistance of their child's SSI check. Some of my mom's do have an occasional child support check. I can read people pretty well and these families are hard-working, put their children first, and deserve a chance to own a home. I know you are associated with hundreds of non-profit agencies. We need a program to help families and give them the opportunity to be homeowners. If you could share some contact information on such programs with me, I would greatly appreciate it.