Status Check: Bridging the Divide

West Sac makes progress on transportation upgrades

Back Update Jan 1, 2016 By Kelly Higdon

Last year we reported on the massive transportation shift taking place in West Sacramento (“Bridging the Divide” by John Blomster, October 2014) Check out some of the progress that has been made since then:

The Mike McGowan Bridge was completed December 2014, connecting Southport and South River Road with 5th Street through Pioneer Bluff and the Bridge District. It has since become a popular connection point not just for automobiles, but cyclists and pedestrians as well.

Over the last year, advanced planning studies and geometric approval drawings were completed for the $86.6 million I Street Bridge Replacement Project. The new bridge, slated to open in 2020, will connect C Street in West Sacramento with Railyards Boulevard in Sacramento. In addition, the cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento are exploring an upper deck conversion for the historic I Street Bridge. Once the new C Street bridge is completed, the conversion would eliminate automobile traffic to create an exclusive bike/pedestrian crossing. If funding for the project can be secured, construction is estimated to be complete by 2025.  

A feasibility study for the Broadway Bridge project should be completed this month. If funding can be secured for final design and construction, conservative estimates anticipate the bridge opening between 2025 and 2030.  

“Continued progress on bridge projects in the city, including the I Street Bridge Replacement Project and Broadway Bridge, is key to creating and strengthening bicycle, pedestrian, auto, freight and transit connections within the city and regionally,” says West Sacramento Mayor Pro Tem Chris Ledesma.

Additionally, the City of West Sacramento recently received funding for the Bike Lane Gap Closure Project, which would include construction of 10.3 miles of new bike lanes citywide. The goal of the project is to fill gaps in the existing bikeway network — 4.5 miles of the new lanes will be in Southport including Linden Rd., Redwood Ave and Gateway Drive.