Photo by Courtesy of homelessfonts Arrels

Photo by Courtesy of homelessfonts Arrels

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Helping homeless through handwriting

Back Web Only Jun 18, 2014 By Allison Joy

One of the best things about working in a creative, collaborative environment is getting to see the world through different sets of creative eyes. When our inner office emails aren’t, “Wait, WHEN is that meeting?” or, “Hello, deadline?” they’re usually tidbits of information that are unique to our respective areas of expertise (Also, Managing Editor Christine Calvin is always the first to find hilarious YouTube videos of animals doing human things).

Using your talent and doing what you love to help others is a win-win situation.

Zuza Hicks, art director

You probably don’t know our art director, Zuza Hicks, because she lives behind the scenes. This morning, she sent the video below out to the Comstock’s team. Not only is it moving, but it’s reflective of the type of artist and designer Zuza is: She’s compassionate, creative and a true humanist (Wait until you see our July cover. You’ll see what I mean.) is an initiative led by the Arrels Foundation in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by the cardboard signs that are universal to the homeless community, their team has created typefaces inspired by the handwriting of Barcelona’s homeless population. The fonts are for sale through, and the money raised goes to the author of the font via the Arrels Foundation. How cool would it be to see a project like this in Sacramento?

“This is an example of how designers can utilize their unique talents to help the world.

This way of helping is so much more than just giving spare change. Using their font becomes a personal interaction between you and the author. It highlights their uniqueness and gives them an opportunity to participate in and engage with the society. It makes them special and worth noticing.

As Arrels Foundation states: ‘Everyone needs a different help,’ and it makes me wonder how I can contribute. Using your talent and doing what you love to help others is a win-win situation. It’s both personal and rewarding.”

- Zuza Hicks

What we're talking about