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Kim Squaglia was born and raised in Sacramento and has lived there for the past 12 years. She holds her bachelors and masters degrees in fine art. A professional artist for 15 years, Squaglia’s work has been shown locally at Jayjay Gallery, nationally at Kate Shin Gallery in New York, George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles and Art Miami fairs. Internationally, her work has been exhibited at Art Cologne and Focus Abengoa in Spain, and is included in permanent collections at the Crocker Art Museum, Microsoft and Neiman Marcus.

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The Artist on the Fence

Koons may be popular, but the piece doesn’t quite fit

Although initially a bit shocked, I was excited when I heard a work by Jeff Koons may be showcased at the center of our city. This excitement was followed by an involuntary pang of dread as I thought to myself,  “Oh no, this $8-million price tag is going to make people in Sacramento hate art!”

Mar 9, 2015 Kim Squaglia