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Stuart Greenbaum is president of Greenbaum Public Relations in Sacramento and lead author of the Humble Sky blog. He is editor/author of several books, including Longevity Rules (Eskaton, 2010); and is currently compiling Believe You Me, a book of short stories.

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After the Fact

Six years after his long-time accountant was sent to prison for fraud, one client looks for answers

Bill Murray (not that one) was at the top of his game, so to speak, until an epic fall from grace. In December 2009, the 54-year-old tax accountant was charged with defrauding more than 50 clients of his Sacramento firm, Murray & Young Accountancy, out of more than $13.3 million. He subsequently pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 19.5 years in federal prison. The saga played out like a reality TV crime drama, from beginning to end.

Jul 26, 2016 Stuart Greenbaum