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Tony S. Oliver is president and founder of Penny Wise Consulting Group. The company provides project management, business and marketing strategy, public speaking and corporate training services in the Sacramento area. Tony has over 15 years of experience in high tech supply/demand planning, pricing, marketing, product development and project management with stints at Intel, Cisco Systems, AMS (now CGI). While at Intel, he was recognized as the 2015 Instructor of the Year for his courses on project management, storytelling, and presentation skills.

Tony holds a BA from Georgetown University, a MBA from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, PMP certification from PMI, CSM certification from the Scrum Alliance, and Competent Communicator certification from Toastmasters International. He is fluent in Spanish and conversant in French, Catalonian and Portuguese. Tony lives in Folsom, with his wife Kristine and their daughter Penny, and enjoys reading, writing, volunteering, participating in Toastmasters clubs and all things baseball.

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Make the Most of Market Research

So you’ve got a terrific idea for a new business or product you’d like to bring to market. But where do you start?

Feb 21, 2018 Tony Oliver

Are You Ready to Pitch?

Meeting with investors can be both daunting and exciting. While it can confirm your hard work is recognized, it can also lead to self-doubt and uneasiness.

Jul 28, 2017 Tony Oliver

How to Follow Up That Killer Presentation

Congratulations, you nailed that presentation! Much like a baseball player who reaches first base seeks to advance to second, you should seek to advance further and raise your stock, close your sale or secure that plum assignment. These five simple suggestions can significantly amplify the impact of your success.

Jun 2, 2017 Tony Oliver

Did You Blow that Presentation?

It happens. You try your best and prepare your hardest for a big presentation, but something goes awry. Nothing deflates your self-esteem faster than a missed opportunity. Disappointing as it may it be, remember everyone has off days — look at Adele during the Grammy Awards. Adding resilience to the mixture of talent, opportunity and luck tends to separate success from failure. Here are five ways to bounce back higher from a rough outing:

May 26, 2017 Tony Oliver

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking routinely tops the list of common phobias. Butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, anxiety are all typical manifestations of the discomfort, which is often much less noticeable to the audience than to the one doing the speaking. However, unlike being trapped in a dark room with snakes, glossophobia (fear of public speaking) affects the ability to do something much more common.

Apr 19, 2017 Tony Oliver