We talked to GSAEC’s Dr. Chris Weare about the story told by our region’s data


Our November Startup of the Month targets infant health; United Way California Capital Region CEO Stephanie Bray brings a fresh focus to a long-standing charity; residents of Sacramento’s first net-zero energy community claim their homes may not be net-zero after all; and the Amazon sales tactic you should absolutely copy.

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Giving Sacramento an Edge

Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council’s Dr. Chris Weare tasked with making the region more competitive

Every community wants a robust economy capable of competing with any other in the country. But how do you do that? That’s the question the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council is trying to answer. We sat down with Dr. Chris Weare, the group’s director of research and strategy, to learn about its efforts to pump more life into the Capital Region’s economy.

Nov 7, 2016 Rich Ehisen