Photo by photo by Kelly Roberts

Photo by photo by Kelly Roberts

Schnaitmann 2010 Evoe Rose

Back By Sandford Wragg

Schnaitmann 2010 Evoe Rose, $20:

From the German region of Württemberg, this blend of80 percent Pinot Noir and 20 percent Trollinger has amazing energy and food pairing potential.With a delicate, light-salmon color, it greets you with a bouquet of energetic citrus, lime,grapefruit and kiwi. This fruit blend rests on a subtle bed of minerality with aromatic whiteflowers and hints of rose to augment its complexity. This wine has all the verve one could askfor without any of the harsh edges. It finishes very dry, clean and focused.

Where to find it:

At Tuli Bistro ( and Corti Brothers (

What to eat with this wine:

Any rich food that would be augmented by a lively companion. I suggest braised pork cheeks with black garlic demi-glaze, pickled watermelon radish and seasonal beans. Evoe’s citrus energy also complements rillettes, roasted pears and warm goat cheese.

Sandford Wragg is an assistant manager and the sommelier at Tuli Bistro in midtown Sacramento.