August 2022 Digital Edition

Bloom and Doom

Happy summer, readers. Northern California has faced no shortage of societal and environmental ills this summer, from inflation to wildfires. Even the farmers of Yolo County’s sprawling sunflower fields are facing challenges brought on in part by the Russia-Ukraine war. In our August cover story, Senior Editor Jennifer Fergesen uncovers the oil crisis complexities — as well as ongoing drought conditions — to reveal the business impact on local sunflower farmers. Wes Davis illustrates this fascinating story with golden hour photos of the gorgeous, if distressed, acreage.

Here’s what else you can expect in the pixels and pages of our digital issue:

What happens to empty warehouses? More than just eyesores, many of them present opportunities for businesses to move in, clear the dust (and sometimes bats!) and make the space their own through modern redevelopment. These imposing brick structures also have a certain je ne sais quoi. Extending a building’s life can go a long way to preserve history, introduce new housing and promote sustainable solutions. But, there can be many challenges that go way beyond bats.

While some companies are putting down roots at these unique warehouse spaces, others are finding the grass is greener outside of California. We examine the costs and benefits of moving one’s company out-of-state

Speaking of California, the Golden State is home to many endurance athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and sublime natural attractions — all making it the perfect place to test one’s personal motivation by running nonstop (well through the night) for 30 hours. We look at the marathons and extreme sports events luring elite athletes and stimulating the economy. 

You’ll also find a throwback to hippie history with an in-depth look at the co-ops of Sacramento and Davis, which are both celebrating their 50-year anniversary; tips for selling your business; the latest from Evil HR Lady; Off the Beaten Track; Founder of the Month and more.

In this month’s issue, Comstock’s presents a special section on Capital Region Construction and Development. We report on the latest updates in each sector, explore new education construction throughout the region, take a look at current multifamily developments and talk trends with industry pros.

We hope you enjoy digitally flipping through these pages as you relax, Arnold Palmer in-hand. 

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