Gen Z left the tech transition in the dust — how will that impact their role in our economy?


Nehemiah Corporation shuts down most operations; Nicole Rogers on what she learned as a leader of Sacramento’s food movement; Buzzwords: what we mean when we talk about ecosystems; and Carina Lampkin on her plans for the Oak Park Brewery. 

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Nehemiah Corp. Shuts Down Most Operations

Nehemiah Corp., a social enterprise nonprofit that has spent two decades developing programs that help low-income people afford homes, is winding down most of its operations, the company has announced.

Feb 21, 2017 Allen Young

Buzzwords: Ecosystem

Generally speaking, an ecosystem describes how different, complex organisms work together. How could a deeply biological term have invaded the usually-technical jargon of business? According to Google Trends, searches for “business ecosystem” and “innovation ecosystem” first entered the lexicon in the late ’90s and hit a peak within the last year.

Feb 28, 2017 Robin Epley