Mobile eateries emerge resilient after a rough road

The Capital Region Rundown: Getting to know a local tech CEO, a digital artist inspired by the analog, the pandemic’s current effects & more

There’s something about the ebb and flow of pandemic sentiment — the revolving rhythm of despair and hope — that can be a tad draining. The tempo is the stuff of life, but the dial seems to have been turned all the way up these last two years. Amid the sometimes overwhelming nature of news, though, we bring you stories, context and nuance. People are working to improve our region, inspire creativity and give us delicious things to eat as we carry on. We hope that by zooming in, these stories help you make sense of the world and inspire you to see potential in tough times. 

Here’s the latest:

We talk authenticity with the CEO of Grin, the fast-growing tech company allowing brands to work directly with content creators; California schools continue to struggle and close their campuses as a result of the omicron surge; a digital artist reveals his layered process for creating stop-motion video for television, musicians and brands; Amador County’s food trucks find some stability thanks to flexible business models; a CalMatters writer returns to his downtown Sacramento office to find the area “eerily quiet” and explores the potential for recovery. 

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