November 2022 Digital Edition

No longer just a capital city

We’re betting if you take a quick glance at our November cover, you’ll lean in for a closer look. Does cover star Vivek Ranadivé’s oblique gaze imply he’s considering the future of his “kingdom,” as the title suggests? Or could the Sacramento Kings owner be looking back on the team’s uneven history and on-court struggles? Considering his placid expression and unbroken confidence in the city he’s chosen to invest in, it’s clear the latter isn’t preventing him from moving forward. 

This month’s cover story is a deep dive into Ranadivé’s influence on our city, which, thanks in large part to his foresight, is on the rise in quantifiable ways — the Kings’ valuation is up, his purchase of the Sacramento River Cats is expected to develop the West Sacramento waterfront, and Golden 1 Center and the adjoining Downtown Commons continue to boost the economy. Comstock’s writer Graham Womack was granted an interview with Ranadivé for this issue. Read the full story here

Here’s what else you can expect in the pixels and pages of our digital issue:

Continuing our focus on developments invigorating the Capital Region, we look at the shifting aesthetics and functionality of our commercial corridors. Comstock’s contributor Sena Christian examines multiple maturing cities that are sprucing up their urban core to attract new residents and businesses.

Another burgeoning economic trend, the wellness sector, continues to grow in the Capital Region, and in all sorts of directions. Deputy Editor Vanessa Labi pursues a smattering of wellness paths, from new modalities like cryotherapy to ancient traditions like bathhouses, to see how each is resonating with consumers and entrepreneurs. 

Lastly, it’s voting season, not that we had to tell you twice, as your mailbox is likely overflowing with mailers designed to inform and persuade. We’re taking a look at the issues facing the minority voter, which itself is becoming a misnomer — Hispanic or Latino voters make up over 40 percent of the population in California. Contributor Ed Fletcher breaks down the shifts in power, demographics and values among voters of color as well as the implications of the words we use when talking about these concepts. 

We also run back what happened to a Sacramento program for the homeless, which the writer argues was more successful than the city’s current approach; consider what happens to extroverts who work from home; go off the beaten track to an olive oil farm; explore the region’s production of agave spirits and much more. 

In this month’s issue, Comstock’s features a special section in partnership with the San Joaquin Partnership that explores the county’s impressive job growth, epic housing boom, exciting technological innovations and unique positioning as the gateway to the Central Valley.

In this year’s 5th Annual Project Showcase, Comstock’s highlights a range of development and construction projects across a multitude of industries. We also feature local AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) firms making an impact in designing and building regional projects.

We hope you enjoy digitally flipping through these fresh stories throughout these crisp fall days.

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