Is the run on houses helping businesses?

The Capital Region Rundown: A complicated business landscape, home-bidding wars, Korean Chinese cuisine & more 

If there’s any indication of the wide spectrum of experiences at this point in the pandemic, it’s that we recently ran two divergent story titles: “It’s Complicated” and “A Bright Outlook.” Both are true and describe the Capital Region’s layered business landscape. While our region’s economy has never been simplistic, we continue to observe an abundance of nuance in our area’s continued recovery efforts. 

To help get us through, we look to our old friend optimism in a letter by our President and Publisher Winnie Comstock-Carlson. What’s making you smile these days?

Here’s the latest:

Competition continues for homes in the Capital Region, despite a dramatic spike in home prices; Comstock’s president and publisher encourages meeting challenges with strategic thinking; downtown Sacramento business owners make risky decisions with cautious optimism; we interview a local banking expert about the promising national trends and how they show up in the Capital Region; the second branch of a longstanding Korean supermarket serves spicy seafood noodles and sweet-and-sour pork; and a new federal law protects Californians against surprise medical bills. 

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Feb 1, 2022 Winnie Comstock-Carlson

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