Life on Sacramento’s Urban Farms

Back Photo gallery Sep 12, 2017 By Sena Christian

The Sacramento region’s urban farming movement keeps growing and growing, but the two farms that started it all — Soil Born Farms and Yisrael Family Urban Farm — remain the hub of the activity. Both farms focus on education as critical to expanding the movement even more, and giving residents old and young the know-how and tools to grow their own food. 

For Soil Born Farms, education often centers around bringing students onto their 55-acre American River Ranch site in Rancho Cordova for camps and classes. The organization also runs a school garden program at 10 campuses, and holds an annual Day on the Farm event to encourage the outside community to see what they do.

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For Yisrael Family Urban Farm, workshops for both children and adults take center stage. But Founder Chanowk Yisrael is also always talking to people about the nitty-gritty of gardening while at his farm stand, farmers markets and other community events.

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Soil Born Builds a Pipeline

In 2004, four years after launching their first farm, the founders of Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture and Education Project incorporated their group as a nonprofit to help others see the value of growing food within cities, spreading the philosophy of “healthy food for all.”

Sep 12, 2017 Sena Christian