Mini corn dogs, mustard and ketchup are prepared at Mojo’s Lounge & Bar in Woodland. (Photos by Fred Greaves)

Photos: Fair Days Have Come to Woodland Restaurants

Back Photo gallery Aug 11, 2020 By Fred Greaves

A group of 13 restaurants have joined together to participate in Downtown Woodland Fair Days, a special event to bring fair food to customers who are missing iconic dishes with this year’s cancelation of fairs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Christy Hayes, the owner of Mojo’s Lounge & Bar, saw other cities doing drive-through fair events and wanted to bring that idea to downtown Woodland. All participating eateries have added deep-fried favorites and other treats to their menus from Aug. 10 through Aug. 16.

Mojo’s Lounge & Bar Executive Chef Efrain Hernandez coats “fair-style” turkey legs with barbecue sauce at the grill of the Woodland restaurant.

Mojo’s Lounge & Bar Executive Chef Efrain Hernandez cooks mini corn dogs as part of the Downtown Woodland Fair Days.

A giant barbecued turkey leg is on the menu this week at Mojo’s Lounge & Bar in Woodland.

A crispy chicken donut sandwich with bacon glaze is served at The Burger Saloon in Woodland.

Crystal Turben (left) and Amy Busch take the first bites of their crispy chicken donut sandwiches at The Burger Saloon.

Woodland resident Crystal Turben bites into a crispy chicken donut sandwich with bacon glaze at The Burger Saloon.

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