These Empty Streets

A month into the coronavirus shelter-in-place order, people are staying off the streets

Back Photo gallery Apr 10, 2020 By Steve Martarano

It’s 8 p.m. on a rainy Saturday night in April, and normally at this time, even in inclement weather, the R Street Corridor in Sacramento would be filled with patrons at restaurants and bars, or waiting in a line that stretches around the block to see a show at Ace of Spades. But a month into Sacramento County’s shelter-in-place order in response to the coronavirus, people are staying home to do their collective part to flatten the curve.

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R Street is nearly empty, with just a lone car there to grab a takeout meal, and streetlights reflecting off the rain-drenched, silent street. Similarly, at a popular block of nightclubs in Midtown Sacramento, the lawn around the state Capitol on a weekday afternoon, the parking lot outside a high school and Interstate-5 at rush hour, people in Sacramento are staying at home. 

Outside the normally crowded Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub on J Street in Sacramento on April 4.

The Capitol usually bustles with employees and tourists on a weekday, but at 4:30 p.m. on April 7, there was no one around the west steps of the building, which had chain-link fence around it.

C.K. McClatchy High School in Sacramento on April 7.

Few cars travel on Interstate-5 near J Street at 5 p.m. on April 7.

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