The Connection Point: Visual West Founder Andy Duong

WATCH: Andy shares how he became a successful entrepreneur and the challenges he faced

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Welcome to Comstock’s show, “The Connection Point,” a conversation series highlighting dynamic entrepreneurs and investors in the Capital Region. The connection point — a moment of clarity and understanding between entrepreneurs and investors — is vital to both parties, and has the potential to benefit our audience as well.

Throughout these interviews, hosted by Charley Ansbach, a diverse group of entrepreneurs will share their vision, mission, background and the impact they wish to make on others. 

Episode 4: Visual West Founder Andy Duong

In this episode, Andy Duong, Founder of Visual West shares all about how he became successful in the execution of design through discipline and passion. 

Visual West has experience in designing a wide variety of projects including but not limited to logos, commercial trash bins, billboards, T-shirts, concert flyers, restaurant menus, Facebook pages, websites, commercial signage, and even chopstick covers.

Based in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, Visual West strives to bring about compelling visual energy and fruitful results with all their work.

Learn about the passion Andy has for design and how he became a successful Entrepreneur. Watch to find out!

Hosted by: Charley Ansbach

Produced by: Ferrell Digital Productions in collaboration with Evolution Accelerator