Business Vacay

The millennial approach to business travel

Back Web Only Nov 17, 2015 By Kiara Reed

According to Fast Company, millennials have transformed business trips into creative and unique life experiences — all on the company’s dime. 

According to a recent article, millennials are not frugal when it comes to company cash. Recent research shows that millennials spend more money on business trips than either gen X or baby boomers — on costly expenses ranging from flight upgrades to hotel room service.

It’s not all free-wheeling fun, though: Millennials are also more likely to schedule flights to avoid peak prices as well as shun expensive car rentals and hotel stays (think AirBnB and Uber).

Does “bleisure travel” (business mixed with pleasure) actually prevent employee burnout while boosting employee engagement? Or is it all just a waste of money? Let us know in the comments, and read the full article here.