Chris Johnson: On the Page

Exclusive excerpt from Johnson’s upcoming book, ‘Faith and Execution’

Back Web Only Mar 2, 2015 By Chris Johnson

My grandfather asked me, “Chris, what is the richest land in the world?”  I replied, “The United States.”  

He shook his and replied, “No.”  I then said, “China?”  He again replied, “No.”  

I said “Grandpa, I give up. What is the richest land in the world?”  He replied, “The graveyard.”  

“The graveyard?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “because that is where so many people have died with great ideas in them that they never got out.”  

Those words impacted me to the core.  I decided from that very moment that any idea, no matter small or large, I would pursue with all my heart.

So many people are blessed with ideas for inventions, businesses or services but sadly never take action. Most are frozen by fear, paralyzed by procrastination or simply do not know where to start. Doubt, fear and inaction are the biggest stealers of dreams. This book “Faith and Execution,” provides a story of inspiration and a detailed, step-by-step guide to developing unshakable faith, executing on your passions and ideas, and reaching the success of your dreams.  

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