Jimmy Crabbé’s 5-step process for turnarounds

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After nearly two decades spent managing operations and logistics for global shipping powerhouse UPS,  Belgium-born Jimmy Crabbé purchased Sacramento’s Bonney Plumbing, Heating, Air and Rooter. In less than two years, he’s doubled Bonney’s staff and its revenue. Here’s his strategy:

1. Measure and report. 

“Put your KPIs — key performance indicators — in place and measure what will ultimately drive financial behavior.”

2. Find the areas that are under-performing.

“Don’t go off anecdotal information; look at the data.” Zero in on the lagging areas, then drill into them.

3. Develop or change existing processes. 

What’s the reason that certain areas are underperforming? It’s often a gap in the process. It might be, for example, that there’s no system in place to double-check or ensure accountability, which allows the inevitable human error, no matter how competent your employees. Tighten the screws.

4. Implement. Train. Hold accountable.

“A good, solid roll-out takes away any reason not to execute.”

5. Repeat Step 1.

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