(design by Lily Therens; elements courtesy of Shutterstock)

(design by Lily Therens; elements courtesy of Shutterstock)

Mind Your Manners

Top 4 etiquette schools in the Capital Region

Back Article Jan 6, 2015

Etiquette programs throughout Northern California cover everything you need to know, from effective communication to dining with chopsticks. Schools offer customized workshops for organizations and individuals alike.

Etiquette NowDavis


The Capital Region’s closest etiquette option, Etiquette Now offers courses covering topics from golf decorum and sushi dining to generational business etiquette and understanding American culture. Classes start at $350.

The Parsons School of EtiquetteNorth San Jose


Parsons offers a variety of classes for both children and adults in San Jose, Sunnyvale and Portola Valley. Prices range from $100 for 2-hour etiquette dinners at the San Jose Country Club to $450 for the 10-hour Classroom to Boardroom program for new professionals exiting college.

Majesty School of EtiquetteVallejo


Majesty owner Janet Gillespie specializes in assisting women in their personal and professional development, and her courses focus on dining, image and appearance, business protocols and entertaining in the home.

The Northern CALIFORNIA School of Etiquette - Napa


Customizable programs from the Nor Cal School of Etiquette range from socializing and networking to dining and corporate styling. Youth classes are also available.


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