Co-Chair, Meg Arnold

Managing Director, Valley Vision Inc.

Co-Chair, Christi Black-Davis

Executive Vice President, Edelman

Mike Ammann

President & CEO, San Joaquin Partnership

James Beckwith

President & CEO, Five Star Bank

Stephen Bender

CEO, Warren G. Bender Co.

Kipp Blewett

Partner, Rubicon Partners Inc.

Carol Burger

President, Burger Rehabilitation

Tim Carmichael

President, Southern California Gas Company

Mac Clemmens

CEO, Digital Deployment

John Finegan

Founder, Beck Ag

Andrew Grant 

President and CEO World Trade Center Northern California

Steve Fleming

President and CEO, River City Bank

Jim Hartley

Principal Technologist, Jacobs

Oleg Kaganovich

Founder/CEO, Wyndow

Tom Kandris

CEO, PackageOne

Denton Kelley

Managing Principal, LDK Ventures LLC

Brian King

Chancellor, Los Rios Community College District

Jeff Koewler

Partner, Delfino Madden O’Malley Coyle & Koewler LLP

Leo McFarland

President and CEO, Greater Sacramento and Northern Nevada Volunteers of America

Bill Mueller

CEO, Valley Vision Inc

Tim Murphy

CEO, Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange

Maria Ogrydziak

Owner, Maria Ogrydziak Architecture

Robert Burris

President and CEO, Solano EDC

Curt Rocca

Managing Partner, DCA Partners

Verna Sulpizio

President/CEO, West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce

Darrell Teat

Principal, Darrell Teat Consulting

Sanjay Varshney

VP/Wealth Advisor, Wells Fargo The Private Bank

Joshua Wood

Executive Director, Region Builders Inc.

Louis Stewart

Cheif Innovation Officer, City of Sacramento

Martha Lofgren

Partner, Brewer Lofgren LLP

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