As financial incentives get phased out, California grapples with the future of solar power

We discuss mentorship matchmaking in the re-release of our pilot episode of Action Items; tips on helping your team break toxic patterns; lawyers need to up their e-discovery game; how Next Generation Science Standards is changing how one school in Galt prepares a next-gen workforce; and what does “bootstrap” even mean — take our web poll!

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Breaking the Habit

Toxic patterns abound in the workplace — but you can change them

As I write this, I am seated by the window on an airplane flying east. Taking off over Sacramento, acres and acres of green and brown agricultural fields come into view. Each block of squared-off land is juxtaposed against another, all cut into varying diagonals and straight lines, forming an intricate pattern of rich farmland.

Jun 19, 2017 Tania Fowler