Action Items: Pilot

Justin Knighten and Bernadette Austin on how we can better prepare local leaders

Back Podcast Jun 21, 2017

Justin Knighten and Bernadette Austin speak with our host, Tre Borden, on how mentorship pushes the region forward. We talk about leadership transitions, diversity and inclusion, and hitting up potential mentors at the gym. 

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Action Items: Creating a Culture of Community Around Transportation

Heather Fargo and Michael Rios discuss how public transportation can better serve all residents in the Capital Region

For many adults who didn’t grow up using public transportation, getting them to do so now is an uphill battle, especially in a place like Sacramento where we lack a culture of transit use. But with the recent hire of Henry Li as CEO for Regional Transit, the Golden 1 Center inviting a new crowd to take light rail downtown and an ongoing interest in sustainable modes of traveling, the time has never been better for the Capital Region to prioritize public transportation.