Happy holidays, and energy justice for all

The Capital Region Rundown: The equitable clean energy revolution, holiday events shine bright once again, California's high unemployment rate explained & more

May your holidays be bright, and your computer screen go dark this weekend. But first, queue up that out-of-office message, step into some fuzzy slippers, and catch up on your Capital Region news. Here’s the latest content we published this week:

The season of light shines again in a photo essay documenting the return of holiday events to the Capital Region; our latest Eco Report explores the quest for energy justice on behalf of disadvantaged communities; California’s electric companies rocket to the forefront of the mobility and building sectors as the electrification technology space continues to innovate; CalMatters explores the complexities behind California’s high unemployment rate; and experts sound off on California’s new requirement for unemployment recipients to retroactively prove their work history. 

As our week winds down, we’re doing a dance at our desks to celebrate finalizing our upcoming January issue, which explores the new remote reality: all the various ways the Capital Region is working from home. Don’t miss it — subscribe to the magazine, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for daily stories and extras. 

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California has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Several factors are contributing, including the state’s slow-to-rebound leisure and hospitality sectors. But the state has a lot of job openings, and high quit rates suggest workers are optimistic they can find better positions.

Dec 16, 2021 Grace Gedye, CalMatters

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