Comstock’s Talks: Out of the Spotlight

PODCAST: Last year had been a strong year for the performing arts in the region, and 2020 was building on that success, which has led to hope from some local arts leaders that this progress will continue despite the unprecedented shutdown.

Jun 16, 2020 Marcus Crowder

Comstock’s Talks: Mending the Gap

PODCAST: Jennifer Siebel Newsom is passionate about several issues, but perhaps none more than the gender wage gap.

Mar 23, 2020 Laurie Lauletta-Boshart

Comstock’s Talks: Loving the Lager

PODCAST: As the Sacramento craft beer scene continues to mature, will local drinkers abandon their ales and learn to love the lager?

Feb 19, 2020 Daniel Barnes

Comstock’s Talks: Small Downtowns

PODCAST: For anyone in the Sacramento area looking to get away for a day or weekend, the Capital Region has plenty of hidden gems.

Jan 23, 2020 Graham Womack

Comstock’s Talks: Record Spinners

PODCAST: Dimple Records has been a regional fixture for more than four decades. Comstock’s spent several weeks with the family behind the business to learn Dimple’s history: how it started, why they decided to walk away and what comes next. 

Oct 8, 2019 Bethany Crouch

Action Items Minisodes: Gender Diversity and Boards of Directors

Senate Bill 826, passed easily by the state Legislature in August 2018, requires publicly traded companies headquartered in California to have a minimum of one woman on their boards of directors by January 2020 —  and two or three by January 2022, depending on board size.

Mar 7, 2019

Action Items: Update the State (Worker)

Jessica Kriegel and Angie Quirarte discuss the need for the State of California to attract a new workforce

On this episode of Action Items, Dr. Jessica Kriegel, an organizational development consultant at Oracle and author of the book “Unfairly Labeled: How Your Workplace Can Benefit From Ditching Generational Stereotypes,” and Angélica Quirarte, a government innovations strategist for the California Government Operations Agency, and join host Tre Borden to discuss how the State — and private organizations — can address an aging workforce and prepare for a younger generation of workers.

Jul 12, 2017