Tim Egkan left an indelible mark on downtown Stockton — both in life and in death


Get your caffeine fix with our August Startup of the Month; Sacramento might be ready to amp up its riverside dining game; and how to prepare for your business failing at social media (which WILL happen). 

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Startup of the Month: Brass Clover Cold Brew Coffee Company

For Oak Park startup, coffee is a drink best brewed cold

Is 14 too young to get into coffee? It wasn’t for Randall Echevarria. He grew up in Crescent City on the California/Oregon border, and the small town’s first coffee shop gave him his very first job. He started as a barista and moved up in the ranks over four years, his favorite part being the beverage development. Turns out, this high school gig was just warm-up.

Aug 5, 2016 Russell Nichols