As drought devastates area farms, could solar grazing offer a lifeline?

Dreams of electric sheep, a mini-Silicon Valley in the foothills, going electric gets more complicated & more

By: Vanessa Labi

During a summer trip to the Sacramento River or along the West Sacramento waterfront, you may have noticed a cluster of sheep or goats munching on grass. It’s a folksy sight in our ag-friendly city, but they’re part of an environmental solution. These hooved creatures are doing us a solid by munching up wild vegetation that could be hazardous to spreading wildfires. 

In addition to reducing vegetation around urban settings ahead of fire season, sheep ranchers are helping California solar farms keep their vegetation down as a green alternative to tractors. In his December feature “The Race to Harness the Sun,” Steven Yoder reports that “combining grazing with large-scale solar is one version of the new field of agrivoltaics, which combines panels with farming and ranching.” 

Sheep are just the bahhh-ginning. Steven reports on numerous symbiotic strategies that could be an asset to the production of high-value products like berries and flowers. What would crop agrivoltaics 2.0 look like, how fast is it approaching and what are the barriers?

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