Our top stories of 2022

Plus: An artist explores identity through subversive piñatas, local olive oil with Indigenous roots & more

By: Vanessa Labi and Jennifer Fergesen

It’s the last newsletter of 2022! This year, we published hundreds of stories about the evolving Capital Region online and in our monthly print magazine, including profiles of leading lights, in-depth features about trends on the horizon, and visits to hidden gems across the 10 counties. 

Our readers showed special interest in stories that helped them understand the pandemic economy and be more effective leaders in a changing workplace. But you also revealed an appetite for escape. Several of the year’s most-read stories feature destinations within the region, including Sacramento’s regional Mexican restaurants, a Delta bar that’s changed little in 75 years, and a slice of Jamaica in Suisun City

Check out our roundup of our top 10 stories of 2022 to see what else readers loved this year, and thanks for supporting local journalism and small business by reading Comstock’s. We’re looking forward to sharing more stories with you in 2023.

And in office news, we had our holiday party at Bennett’s yesterday before seeing a movie as a team. We wish you all a safe and happy new year! 

Here’s the rest of the Capital Region Rundown: 

An artist creates piñatas as temporary monuments to his family, identity and cultural heritage; we take a tour of the long-awaited Sky River Casino built on the site of Elk Grove’s ill-fated “ghost mall;” and Seka Hills Olive Oil, owned by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation and used in the famed restaurants like Chez Panisse and Mulvaney’s B&L, celebrates 10 years.

Recommendations from our editors:

In this section we editors share what we’re reading, listening to, watching or even eating. Here’s what we’re consuming this week:

Judy: I don’t know what happens this time of year but when I turn on the Hallmark channel I’m instantly hooked. I already know the prince will marry the maid, the person will leave his or her big city job and move to their small, charming hometown or save the small business that’s about to be taken over by a big corporation. But during the weeks of Christmas, I slow down and enjoy the simple stories and pretty scenery. In fact, one Hallmark movie was filmed in Nevada City: “The Christmas Card,” released in 2006. It was shown again last week. I’m pushing for our cute Fair Oaks Village to be the next location for a Hallmark movie!

Jennifer: I’m personally not a fan of Hallmark movies, but this year I watched a corny Christmas movie that I really enjoyed: Amazon Prime’s “Your Christmas or Mine?” starring former child star (and still stellar actor) Asa Butterfield with newcomer Cora Kirk. They play James and Hayley, London college students in a new relationship who independently decide to surprise each other with a visit during Christmas break. Then a winter storm closes all the roads and train lines, and Hayley finds herself stranded with James’ humbug father, Lord Humphrey, while James is the odd duck at Hayley’s loving but chaotic family celebration. Despite the predictable plot, the warm family message, surprisingly talented cast, and English charm make it as cozy as a cuppa. 

Vanessa: I enjoy reading about architectural and interior design (we have a great story coming up on the thoughtful design of educational institutions), and I often find myself wondering what went into certain design choices. I admit sometimes that wondering sounds like, “what were they thinking??” That’s why I found N+1’s essay “Why Is Everything So Ugly” so fascinating and hilarious. “Despite more advanced manufacturing and design technologies than have existed in human history, our built environment tends overwhelmingly toward the insubstantial, the flat, and the gray, punctuated here and there by the occasional childish squiggle.”

Odds and ends:

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Our Top Stories of 2022

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Dec 29, 2022 Vanessa Labi

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