What happens to animals burned by wildfires?

The Capital Region Rundown: A policy development leader gets real about institutional racism, a mill gets money, animals burned by wildfire get groundbreaking treatments & more

Oh, hello! Welcome back to the real world, i.e. the work week after a long weekend.

Our stories over the past week have answered many questions (some more obscure than others), such as: What healing material do researchers use to patch over the burns of animals caught in wildfires? What does the A in STEAM stand for? What’s one factor that led an artisan flour business to receive over $115,000 in investment? How do we go beyond inclusion and diversity to create more meaningful equity in the workplace? 

The answers to which are: tilapia skin, art, small business bonds and lastly — by intentionally creating an atmosphere of belonging. Need a little more context? Here’s the latest:

The Metro EDGE Young Professional of the Year shares her thoughts on equity in our latest Getting to Know; Capital Region researchers, veterinarians and advocates are finding innovative ways to rehabilitate wildlife burned by California’s raging wildfires; our editor-at-large checks in with Capay Mills on its recent entry into an investment marketplace; proponents of STEAM programs advocate for the arts as a builder of emotional intelligence, social awareness and even problem-solving capabilities.

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