Young restaurateurs are rewriting the definition of authenticity

The Capital Region Rundown: A creative enclave in Vallejo, challenges for florists, Sacramento Tongans reel from the tsunami & more

We hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, whether you celebrated alone, with a partner or not at all! We know our florists are taking a well-deserved breather. They prepared for their busiest holiday with some additional, 2022-specific challenges. But you’d never know it by looking at the beauty they created for Capital Region romantics. 

With the shortest month halfway over(!), we’re well on our way to publishing one of our favorite issues of the year: the Women in Leadership issue. Last week we wrapped up our rooftop photoshoot (no wind machine needed, thank you very much), and this week we’re putting the final touches on our profiles of some of the Capital Region’s most dynamic leaders. Add to that the brighter evenings, and we’d say we’re feeling pretty good.  

Here’s the latest:

Young restaurateurs are reclaiming the definition of fusion with adventurous new concepts; a Sacramento construction company staffed by Tongan Americans is affected by the recent volcanic eruption; florists are challenged by multiple factors during their busiest holiday; an Auburn-based attorney advises against 10 common money mistakes; and a large art studio amid Vallejo’s “Wet Mile” is providing gallery space and collaboration to artists of all mediums.

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