How is the Capital Region fighting the fentanyl crisis?

A special report on a deadly drug, a management dilemma, a startup analyzing crop data & more

Back Feb 8, 2023 @ 11 am

Special Report: Fighting Fentanyl

The rapid growth of deadly fentanyl across the U.S., California and our region is shocking. As Graham Womack reports, it is now the leading cause of death in the U.S. for adults ages 18-49. The growth has been so rapid that many people still aren’t aware of this synthetic drug and how it can kill so easily and rapidly. Fentanyl is falling into the hands of teens and young adults who think they are taking a Xanax or Percocet to relax but instead are taking a fake pill that can kill them within 10 minutes. 

For our February issue, we bring you a special report to bring awareness of this deadly drug, so you can alert your children and friends of how One Pill Can Kill.

- Judy Farah, Editor

Here’s the rest of the Capital Region Rundown: 

We examine the emerging fentanyl crisis from a law enforcement standpoint and some of the programs and solutions in development; Yuba County officials struggle to find hope and adequate resources to fight the battle with fentanyl, which has hit the semi-rural county hard; Comstock’s Editor Judy Farah talks to multiple parents of kids who have overdosed on fentanyl lurking in counterfeit pills; a startup uses high-tech tools to help farmers monitor crop health and performance; and Evil HR Lady tackles our dilemma of the month on how managers can provide feedback without making employees feel singled out.

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Judy: It was inspiring to spend the night with leaders who are making a difference in our community and growing our region. The Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 128th year by honoring Linda Beech Cutler with Sacramentan of the Year; Mike Testa of Visit Sacramento as Businessman of the Year; Kate Stille of Nugget Markets as Businesswoman of the Year; Kwame Anku of Black Star Fund as Entrepreneur of the Year and Liz Lorand Williams of the Downtown Partnershi[p as Metro Edge Young Professional of the Year. Also honored were Bishop Esley Simmons with the Al Geiger Memorial Award, Turton Commercial Real Estate with Small Business of the Year and Dreyford + Blackford Architecture as Business Hall of Fame.

Jennifer: I recently tried my hand at making one of my grandpa’s childhood favorites — beef and homemade noodles, an old fashioned Midwestern speciality. I used a recipe that won an award in the Illinois State Fair and it came out perfectly. The story that goes along with it is just as warm and comforting.

Vanessa: When I’m not quite in the mood to read, I like to peruse the illustrative work of one of my favorite cartoonists, Liana Finck. She has a free newsletter, but it’s just as fun to scroll through her Instagram feed. Using a minimal amount of cells and a sort of messy but emotionally resonant style, she has a knack for illuminating the idiosyncrasies of modern life, new parenthood, anxiety, responsibilities, et al!

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