Women in Leadership: A mayor, a cider maker, a cannabis department director & more

The Capital Region Rundown: Breaking barriers

Happy Wednesday, happy Saint Patrick’s Day and merry Christmas! Wait, one of those doesn’t belong. We have the holidays on the brain since we just decked the halls all over again as a belated, Christmas-in-March company party. Like many businesses, we postponed our holiday party due to the omicron surge, so last night the Comstock’s team hit the town at The Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento. It was festive, fun, and a much-needed dose of togetherness.

The Comstock’s team celebrated Christmas in March last night at The Firehouse Restaurant.

It’s also the second week of Women’s History Month, and we’re sharing five more profiles from our annual Women in Leadership showcase, photographed at the historic Sutter Club in Sacramento. Formed in 1889, the club only accepted male members until about 20 years ago. We held our photoshoot on the club’s rooftop to show how these female leaders break barriers and rise to the top. 

Krista Bernasconi and Nicole Elliott pose for our 2022 Women in Leadership issue at historic Sutter Club in Sacramento, the social establishment that only accepted male members until about 20 years ago.

Here’s the latest:

An arts professional and marketing strategist navigates her new role in the health care industry with the same critical thinking she applies to the arts; the vice president of a roofing company shares how she became the first person in the company to hold the role; the president of a delta-based cider company looks ahead to growth and change after a fruitful, award-winning year; the director of the California Department of Cannabis Control leads 400 employees through the nation’s largest testing ground for future legislation; and the mayor of Roseville thrives on her passion for public service and hard work to lead the city through an unprecedented time.

Recommendations from our editors:

Last week we introduced a new section where we editors will share what we’re reading, listening to, watching or even eating. Here’s what we’re consuming this week:

Vanessa: This week’s “This American Life” episode “School’s Out Forever” is a captivating piece of storytelling about what it’s like to be in the school system right now. Host Chana Joffe-Walt tells the stories of several students with the common thread that school as we knew it — as a concept and as a shared experience — is now unrecognizable.

Judy: “Hope Disappearing: A Population Left Behind” tells the story of how Sacramento once had one of the most successful programs for homeless people in the U.S., but it ended due to both federal and local bureaucracy. It’s written by Sherman Haggerty, who spent 30 years as a home building executive before serving on the Volunteers of America’s Board of Directors and becoming director of Mather Community Campus near Sacramento. Haggerty recently spoke before the Comstock’s editorial advisory board.

Jennifer: The NPR podcast “Throughline” is required listening for anyone who wants to understand the history behind the state of the world. Recent episode “Ukraine’s Dangerous Independence” explains the roots of the nation and its relationship with Russia. 

Odds and ends

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