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Jennifer Junghans holds degrees in biological sciences and horticulture, and writes about food systems, wildlife and conservation. More at

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STEAM Engine

Can adding art to STEM help resurrect a struggling education system?

While STEM education incorporates science, technology, engineering and math, STEAM adds arts into the mix. Proponents of STEAM say it develops creativity that bridges the sciences with the development of personal expression, emotional intelligence and social awareness: the human factors that define how we relate to the world. 

Feb 17, 2022 Jennifer Junghans

The Eco Report: Pass the Salt

Salt is taking center stage in efforts to balance public safety and environmental health in the Sierra Nevada.

Oct 21, 2021 Jennifer Junghans

Comstock’s Talks: Agriculture and Beyond (The Next Chapter)

PODCAST: Pam Marrone, who retired as CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations in 2020, didn’t take a break; she still works 10-12 hour days. This profile is part of The Next Chapter, in which we check in with Capital Region professionals who moved into new pursuits or retirement after successful careers.

Jennifer Junghans

Comstock’s Talks: Promise for New Proteins

PODCAST: In September, UC Davis was awarded the first federal funding given to a university to research cultivated meat, positioning the Capital Region to serve as a hub of the advancing technology. Efforts to advance the emerging food market using science and technology have ignited worldwide to address the global challenge of food access and proper nutrition for a growing population and the unsustainable environmental and ethical practices of industrial animal agriculture as it barrels toward the planet’s capacity on land and at sea.

Jennifer Junghans

Comstock’s Talks: Protecting Open Land

PODCAST: West Sacramento’s Washington District has transformed in the past decade, due to efforts by the City of West Sacramento, developers and food entrepreneurs.

Jennifer Junghans

Tea Time

Consumer education is key for Capital Region tea shops

When Leo Hickman returned in 2003 from an eight-month tour in Kuwait as a combat engineer in the U.S. Air Force, he wanted a way to spread peace. With no idea how, he set out on a journey of self-discovery and backpacked through 27 countries.

Jun 25, 2018 Jennifer Junghans

Rancho Cordova Puts Budget Dollars in the Community’s Hands

In 2014, Rancho Cordova voters approved Measure H, a half-cent sales tax to fund the Community Enhancement Fund program, which funnels grant money from its general fund to improvement projects submitted by residents, local businesses and other organizations that support the city’s key priority areas: public safety; education; economic development; public works; arts, culture, history, entertain

Feb 6, 2018 Jennifer Junghans

Slumber Party

Your former bedroom community isn’t just for sleeping anymore

As California struggles to meet the rising housing demands and address the state’s policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Capital Region is positioned to look to the suburbs for answers. This means farewell to the bedroom communities and hello to vibrant communities on the outskirts of the urban core. 

Jan 30, 2018 Jennifer Junghans

Zero is the Hero in Restaurant Waste

Sacramento chefs pair good business with environmental stewardship

Here in America’s farm-to-fork capital, consumers tend to understand this connection through our region’s rich agricultural heritage and California’s role as the nation’s largest agricultural producer. Local chefs like Brad Cecchi showcase seasonal produce and proteins from local farmers and ranchers who respect the land they farm and animals they raise, through practices intended to keep the land productive for generations to come.

Nov 15, 2017 Jennifer Junghans